5 things you need for your next adventure

Its Vacation time and and everyone is packing , planning and searching every day for the most important things for your holidays.

Today THE BLONDE MOMENTS MAGAZINE has the really important things for you which you really need !!

The first one is credit card ! Maybe you ask why ??!! BUT yes its very important in other countries, because when you rent a car you will need one, you can buy food with a card, some restaurants (London etc) don’t want cash and you need a credit card and of course some hotels too!

Flat shoes ! The next one on the top 5! Its not important do you want to wear sneakers, flats or sandals , important is that you have them in your bag !

Sunblocker ! Is always on the list !! But please buy it at home because it cost a lot of more money in other countries !

Camera! Yes !:) Don’t forget your phone ( with a good camera ) and your camera in your bag… what is a perfect vacation without pics?!?!

Snacks ! Snacks in your travel bag are always the best idea on a looooong way…. because you will need and on airports the price for a sandwich are sometimes 8 dollar, a banana 3 dollar etc … SO, pack your food in your bag but check before what you can take on your trip!!

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