The best free Christmas Gifts

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…

Christmas is coming……

and today I have the best 4 free Christmas gifts for you and your family and friends ­čÖé

Number 1 a nice letter or a cute card is something what I love always , when you read some nice words from people you love

 you will read this every year and this gift is in 20 years always a special gift with a lot of love and of course for free !

Number 2 A cake or cookies make some fav cookies or a chocolate cake for someone special , look at your home what do you have at home for this and make a special men├╝ ­čÖé

Number 3 

go hiking or to a special place with your fav person only you and you fav person in the Christmas morning and take free time for you and the person before the big Christmas day starts …

Number 4  give kisses and smile a lot this is the most beautiful gift which you can give a person on Christmas !

The most beautiful pics from Paris

I think Im right when I say you can never have enough pics from Paris, right?! Thats the reason why we post today more pics from this beautiful city in Europe.

Paris always a city which you can visit in the summer time and right now in the Christmas weeks this City is for the most of the people the fav one for Christmas shopping and to visit the beautiful Christmas market .

we have again some pretty pics from Paris today , more about the Christmas market in the next days here online!

The pics all taken by Jenny Burgartz in Paris

Why you need a Perfume in your life …

A good Perfume is always a good idea for a woman and a man and this not only on Christmas , its always a good choice to smell good when you start a day . But a Perfume is not always a Perfume , A good one can tell a story , reminds you on your first love , on your new love , on a story in your life, on a happy moment, on a great travel in the past or it makes you very sexy and a happy feeling !

Do you have some fav ones?

The best tips for a long flight

Not everyone is a big fan of long flights and a lot of guests around the world have only bad things in her mind when they thinking about the new trip .

But the next time we promise you, you will love the time on your plane and you will relax like the other people on board .

The first thing is make a list what you need for a great trip “in heaven”

when you like music , listen to some fav music on your phone , when you are a book lover , read your fav book at this time .

When you want to sleep the most of time because you fly overnight , don’t forget your fav pillow , spray it with some sleep spray and will sleep like a baby.

Wear cozy clothes like jogging pants, sneakers, cozy socks, and a sweater when its a little bit cold . Don’t wear heels, jeans, leather jackets etc.

Some snacks are great for a long flight and gives you power but please check it before you’re going on board what you can do in your and bag.

The to do vacation list

I love holidays but I hate it when I have to much things in my bags and on my way to the airport with too much stuff inside , after so much travel over the years I have a to do travel list and things which you really need on every trip around the world ..but lets not talking toooo much lets start with my 5 things for a good vacation and things do you need for sure ­čÖé

The first things are ADAPTER this point is super important for every country , you should check it before you go which adapter do you need in your holidays !believe me the most of the time do you need it when you arrive at the airport because you need your phone / laptop etc for a call , a number , a bus stop and and and when you will buy it at the airport it cost 3 more as in so many stores !The next one are credit cards !

these ones are important when you off to the USA . So many things which you want to do every day like a visit at the supermarket , a car rent , a hotel booking and and you will need a credit card of course you can buy some things cash but for a car or a hotel do you need a card .

Medicine is the next one on my list !I can tell you so many stories when I was in so many countries and I need some things because some things are going crazy like a bite from a pet, teeth promplems or whatever !Do you need some easy things which will help you always like IBU, some patches, cold cream when you are falling and and it will helps you a lot !


a Sun blocker , a sunglasses and a hat are always the best things on a vacation .You should have it in your bag when you on your way to your holidays !A camera!Is one of the best things on every adventure since 22222 years and this will never ends !┬áDOnt forget to make great pictures and have a┬áamazing time ­čÖé

This beauty products are perfect for your holidays!

Which products are perfect for your holidays this summer?!?
And what do you really need on your vacation!?!
Now, we have the tipps for thinks which you really need:

The best things for your skin;

A suncream (50+) for face and body.

A face cream for dry skin

A after sun or thermal spray which helps you a lot when you skin burns from the sun .

Clensing wipes to take off your make up or wash gel etc.

for your make up,

A concealer when the night was long…

When you really need a make up for your skin take a make up which is a little bit matt , because it will helps you when its to hot outside!

A mascara for fresh eyes

some glow cream or highlighter because in the sun you will glow more!

A lipstick for the night in your fav color, great a red or pink for the summer.

Packing for holidays!

We are in the best time of the year , the holiday saison. But every time we have all one problem when we are packing for the trip!
Today we have some tipps for you what should you do , and what you really need on your vacation!

The right clothes , are important and this is the first way for the right bag.

The first rule is think about the weather, what is your plan on your trip and whats your fav clothes for this…

When you have a fav dress , take this one in your bag , when you have a fav pants take this one ! The most of the time we are going shopping on your trip and dont wearing everything in your bag!

The next one is think about the weather … When you off for summer holidays don’t pack only tops and dresses, take one jacket or sweater to the rest of your clothes when its raining or colder …

The right shoes ! take one pair of shoes for a dinner , and one sandals and one sneaker when you need them too!

And of course the last one are the swimwear , take a bikini, swimsuit which you really like and which size are perfekt for you , so you will have a great time at the beach too!!

The most beautiful pics from Los Angeles

Everyone is on the way in the summer holidays .
Today we have for all the people outside which are not on her way to Ibiza, Malibu, Greece etc . beautiful pics from our fav city in the world
Los Angeles !

So, now its time again to enjoy some beautiful pics and dreaming from California dreams ….