The best Coats for 2021 / 22

The Fall / Winter time starts in very short time this year and the cute dresses, bikins are packed in a box for the next year ….

But the colder days are our fav time for amazing looks with boots, coats, leather pants , long scarfs and many more great and cozy fashion pieces !
Our fav coats colors for this year are ;

Black and white




and of course

classis Black

Oversized with a belt , some sneakers, and a great cap a perfect style for a day in the city!

Shannon k Singer on the Cover and in exclusive interview with Jenny Burgartz

The Amazing and talented Shannon K. Singer is in one of our Magazine covers and in the exclusiv interview with Jenny Burgartz .

She is talking with Jenny about her music, plans and many more interesting things in the blonde moments magazine.

The issue will be soon available on the apple Ibooks store , So don’t miss it !

pic by Indrani pal chaudury

Interview with Justin Jesso ! part 1

Jenny Burgartz has interviewed the amazing and talented Singer and Artist Justin Jesso for the Blonde Moments Magazine !
Today we want to share you Part 1 of the interview with Justin !

Stay tuned for part 2 !

Read the full interview in the magazine, you can shop it at blurb or in the apple Ibooks store !

pics by Marta Literska

Brands we love : Sporty and Rich

Todays week we are starting with some brands we love ! And at the moment we love it cozy and sporty!
CEO/Founder Jenny Burgartz are in love with complete outfits by Sporty and Rich on her Instagram she shows some of her fav looks by the brand –

A white shorts by the Label and a oversized sweater in a baby blue color which perfect match with blonde hair!
DO you like sporty and cozy outfits too?

Whats your fav Brand this Saison?

Boost your skin for summer days!

The summer is around the corner and its time for a fresh , glowy skin without make up, concealer and co.

CEO/Founder Jenny Burgartz has tested the Clarins Aromaphytocare Huile Santal Face Oil the last weeks .

Jenny ; ” My skin is normal and in summer days because of the sun a little bit dry , but I don’t use foundation daily only a concealer to get “daily fresh” , My wish was to find a good product which I can use on a plane , when Im tired or when I have a little redness on my skin in summer days … a lot of products which I try in the past was good for some days or 1-2 weeks but this oil by Clarins works always perfect !
My skin is not dry anymore, the redness is over after one use and of course very glowy , so I really don’t need a concealer or make up after this oil !

I use it at day time after washing my face I give 1-2 drops on my face and after this I use a sun blocker ! This works amazing for a great start of the day .

At night when I need it too , I give 1-2 drops in my cream and mix it in my hands and after this my skin is really fresh in the next morning!”

After some weeks this product works amazing , I will let you know how it works in the next weeks too 🙂

Werbung wegen Namensnennung .

Chanel Blue Serum review

CEO/ Founder of The Blonde Moments Magazine Jenny Burgartz has tested the

Chanel Blue Serum the last weeks and has her personal review of this luxury Serum for The Blonde Moments Magazine readers.

Jenny ; ” I love a good Serum for your skin , but in the past I never found a really good product which I would buy again , but this Chanel Blue Serum gives my skin in seconds a really fresh and shiny glow ! “

It smells really fresh like some other Chanel beauty Products which I really love by the way .

After the first seconds on your skin , it feels hydrated , fresh and you look really fresh and young .

When you use a cream after this your skin has a really boost like when you wear a mask !

I think it will be works perfect in the summer months when you really don’t need too much creams, serums etc. I tested it of course with my sunblocker too and it works perfect!

This Serum works really good for me and I would buy this one again!

Werbung wegen Namensnennung

Juana Martín presents her SS21 collection

Juana Martín presents her SS21 collection

on January 27th during Paris Couture Fashion Week, in collaboration with UNESCO.

All her pieces will have jewelry from the brand Facet.

Facet becomes the perfect travel companion for designer Juana Martin to add even more sparkle to this new collection.

More about this whole collection here and in the next issue of the blonde moments magazine .

pics / infos by Juana Martin/ Totem fashion

Jarry Lee for The Blonde Moments Magazine !

The beautiful and talented Jarry Lee is not only in interview with Jenny Burgartz for the new issue of The Blonde Moments Magazine , She is on the Cover on issue No. 8 too!

Jarry Lee talks with Jenny about her plans, fav city and gives her fans a lot of cool beauty tips !

Don’t miss the new issue of The Blonde Moments Magazine! This month with 2 Covers !

pic by Pierre Richard Louis