Coachella is coming and today we have the best tips for your festival trip this year in the wild and hot desert!

We will start this time with your house, room or hotel !

The first one is don’t miss to booking your room, house, hotel at the right time …because a lot of people are thinking they can hop to LA meet a room in LALALAND and can easy drive to the coachella festival…but you are very wrong , you will drive ca 3 house from LA with a car and the parking near the festival are not so easy too , the best thing you can do is rent a room month before its time and do it in palm springs, Joshua tree area .

But the prices are very high as on other days !!!

When you not so lucky that you have a room, don’t stress yourself too much , drive to your festival too and check the rooms in the area sometimes there are free rooms too or you meet people which are can help you 🙂

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