Why are Magazines so important …

Of course times are changing and Magazines , books and newspaper are not the same for some people as years before …People are reading Magazines online , a book on a Tablet or get the new news on a app or on social website like twitter , snapchat and co. BUT is this really the same , as when you buy a magazine??? I would say NO! Because maybe for news is it always a better work as years before you will have news around the world , sport news, weather etc in seconds on your phone and not in the next morning on your breakfast table . But I don’t thing its the same when you can see some beautiful pics online as in a magazine , its more “pretty” to still see a beautiful pic from a shooting, a make up look, a dress (which cost 10000 dollars ) on a magazine which you have in your hands as online. The same thing are for books . I really hate books reading online and I never do this , Im a big fan to shop books around the world and I love the vintage book stores in London and its never the same feeling when you have a book in your hands and read as only a tablet . What about you do you prefer reading online or holding in your hands ?!?

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