Til Schweigers Barefoot Hotel in the blonde moments magazine

Til Schweiger_barefoot Hotel_Loungebereich mit offenem Kamin_©barefoot Hotel_Anatol Kotte

In the new issue from the blonde moments magazine we have the amazing Hotel
Barefoot Hotel by Til Schweiger ! Its a dreamy Hotel in Germany near the beach , great food, nice people and the most beautiful rooms which you have on a dream vacation all about this Hotel in the new magazine!

barefoot Hotel_Fassade pulverisierter Zement (Holzoptik)_©barefoot hotel_Nikolaj Georgiewbarefoot Hotel_Loungebereich mit offenem Kamin_©barefoot Hotel_Nikolaj Georgiewbarefoot Hotel_Zimmer_Coco Mat Bett aus Frankreich_©barefoot Hotel_Nikolaj GeorgiewTil Schweiger_barefoot Hotel_Zimmer 1_Bett Coco Mat aus Frankreich©barefoot Hotel_Anatol Kotte

pics by Anatol kotte, Nikolaj georgiew

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