Shannon k Singer on the Cover and in exclusive interview with Jenny Burgartz

The Amazing and talented Shannon K. Singer is in one of our Magazine covers and in the exclusiv interview with Jenny Burgartz .

She is talking with Jenny about her music, plans and many more interesting things in the blonde moments magazine.

The issue will be soon available on the apple Ibooks store , So don’t miss it !

pic by Indrani pal chaudury

The Blonde Moments Magazine at the Apple iBook store

The Blonde Moments Magazine is now available at the Apple Ibooks store .

Yes , you can shop The Blonde Moments Magazine not only at Blurb online now you can read and shop it at the Apple Ibooks store .

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picture / Jenny Burgartz on the Cover of the blonde moments magazine no.8

The new The Blonde Moments Magazine is out!

The new issue of The Blonde Moments Magazine No.8 is out !
In this issue we have a lot of interviews with Stars like Nick Wilson, Jarry Lee or Cyril Benzaquen .

Jenny Burgartz talks for the first time about the first collection of The Blonde Moments Magazine too!

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New F/W 20 collection

The Blonde Moments Magazine has his first collection very soon!

Our clothing are all fair fashion, bio cotton and recycled .

Because we love fashion and nature !

In the next days we have a lot of new stuff for you,

the first pics from the collection , news about the new issue and many more things are coming!

Jenny Burgartz has worked a lot in the last time to get this new project startet !

stay tuned !!

The first collection

The Blonde Moments Magazine is bringing the first Woman and Men collection out this year!

Ceo/Founder Jenny Burgartz is working and planning for a lot of new styles and looks for our first collection!
We can wait to show you a lot of new pics and the first collection from our lovely magazine!

We are in love with the nature and of course our collection will be made with Bio – Cotton and recycled ! Stay tuned for more !!

Kelleth Cuthbert in the new Magazine

newcrkIn the new Issue of The Blonde Moments Magazine Founder Jenny Burgartz has interviewed the beautiful Kelleth Cuthbert !
She is talking about her work, fav shootings , her fav Songs and music and shows her fav looks and styles in this issue !

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pics by Kelleth Cuthbert

interview Jenny Burgartz

Timothy White , Hollywoods best Photographer

104122772_263655214702533_2290083068800242877_nIn the new issue of The Blonde Moments Magazine CEO/Founder Jenny Burgartz speaks with Hollywoods best photographer Timothy White .

Timothy talks in the inerview with Jenny about his fav City, his fav shooting and gives some tipps for upcoming photographers and artists!
don’t miss the new issue of The Blonde Moments Magazine !
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pic BRAD PITT by Timothy White