The best Overknee-Boots for autumn 2018

Today I show yo my fav Overknee at this moment and maybe
for a long time too ..
This boots about Im talking are from Stuart Weitzmann .
Im sure a lot of you guys hear and see a lot if this boots ,
and I was not sure really how they look and how they size on my legs…
My problem in the past with over knee boots are always the same , that they was to big
for my legs ..The only boots are which was great was a pair from Zara .
But now I need some new ones and these are perfect and very good for long walks 🙂
The leather is very great and you can wear them very good without any problems.
And I love that you can mix them with a lot of outfits and looks -like a dress, a pair of jeans , a big hoodie or shorts and a nice shirt like me today .
I have to tell you too that I buy them by myself this is not a sponsored post ! I think this is so important for many readers that they know about my personal meaning of some things 🙂
What about you guys do you love Overknees?
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