24 hours in NYC


When you have the chance and you are on your way to NYC but you have not time
for a longtime packing and you have nooo idea what you should take on your trip or when you
very soon or of course maybe not so soon in New York but only for one day
I have the best things for your which you NEED and what you never missed when you in the
city full of fun , life and adventures!
Ok, lets start with some easy things which you really need
the first things without you can live in this city are
flat shoes . Your fav sneaker are super important in NYC because you will walk a lot
a lot and a lot and you will have a moment in 24 hours when you really thankful for a pair of cozy sneaker ! take your fav hiking sneaker in your bag or wear them on your way to NYC .
The next one are a camera .
I mean not only a phone I mean a camera… NYC has so great streets , parks , things which you will love and things which you want to share with your friends, family and follower.
A cam can always make better pics as so many phones and you can make of course a lot of videos !!
THE leather jacket is on every
DO IT list for NYC I don’t why but I wear only in NYC every day a leather jacket and not only me
a lot of boys and girls do it too..
you can wear you fav leather jacket in the morning when its a little bit cold and you can wear this jacket always of course with a dress at night when you out in the city !
Thats my 3 things which I prefer always in NYC !
what about you ?!?!
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