Georgia Clark talks about her new book

The pretty Georgia Clark was talking with Jenny Burgartz about her new book, about writing, Inspo and NYC for the new The Blonde Moments Magazine.


Georgia Clark is the critically acclaimed author of The Bucket List, The Regulars, and others. She speaks with Jenny Burgartz about her book Pretty too the last days ! More about this very cool interview in the next days and in the new issue !


Pic by Isabelle Raphael /Georgia Clark


Die beliebtesten Netflix Serien !

Sex Education.

Genau das richtige für Serien Junkies die Lachen wollen, ist die SerieSex Education.

Die Serie handelt vom jungen Otis Milburn, der zusammen mit Seiner Mitschülerin Maeve Wiley auf seiner Schule im Untergrund eine Sextherapie betreibt.

Die Serie ist aber auch genau so was fürs Herz, man fiebert mit ob Otis endlich mit seiner auserwählten Maeve zusammen kommt!

Gerade ist auf netflix die 2 Staffel erschienen und es folgen hoffentlich noch weitere folgen!

Stranger Things.

Ist die kult Serie auf auf Netflix!

Diese Serie hat einfach alles witz action spannung und vieles mehr.

Die Serie „Stranger Things”  spielt in der Stadt Hawkins in den USA.

Die Handlung ereignet sich in den 1980ern.

Im Zentrum steht eine Gruppe von 4 Jungs, die auf ein mysteriöses Mädchen treffen, das ihre Leben buchstäblich auf den Kopf stellt!


Im Zentrum steht der 18-jährige Autist Sam, der Pinguine liebt und ein unabhängiges leben führen möchte.

Seine Eltern, Elsa und Dough, versuchen, ihm ein möglichst unbeschwertes Leben zu ermöglichen. 

Regelmäßige Besuche bei seiner Therapeutin gehören zur Therapie ,

in diesen Sitzungen verliebt Sam sich in seine Therapeutin Julia Sasaki….dies sorgt für möglich neue Geschichten und eine spannende Staffel!

Text/ infos Nicole d

2020 is the best year for you -with this plan!!

Today we have new tipps for a better year and a great 2020 for you!
Think always positive!

When you have dreams , plans etc and some things are not working and you are sure you can not change it …this things are not lost! Sometimes its only your mind which will tell you the way …

When you right with your minds and you are sure that you can this and this you will see always a way for your dreams and what you want!

But when you a little bit angry ask yourself why and think about the realness in this moment and the situation!


DO all what you love and what you want !

Think THIS year “I CAN , I CAN and I WILL” 

the motto for the next steps are always


Meet some friends !

When you have a dream or a wish which one is not super easy search for people with the same dreams and wishes and together you will stronger than a warin lion!


 Of yourse in some moments you will have bad days , shit friends, shit jobs, shit citys , shit people but trust me thats normal this moments and people are the past and the better ones are coming!

The Blonde Moments -Muse Margaux Avril

pic by Loreleï Buser Suero

One of our The Blonde Moments Magazine -Muse and Cover stars are our fav French girl Margaux Avril !

Margaux was speaking with Jenny Burgartz on the last magazine about her music , style and her fav places in the world and Paris.

Why we love Margaux ? She has a great style, makes amazing pics and her songs are perfect for a trip in Paris , a night with your friends or on your way to a date and the best holidays in France !

Style // we love checked pants this year too!

Checked pants are this year our fav again for the next cold days ! A checked pant is always stylish with sneaker, boots and flats too . You can mix the pants with a lot of fav things from your

wardrobe .

A long coat looks very cool at night and leather jacket gives you a extra coolness every day ! This year our fav colors are yellow and red !

On cold days you should wear this pants with a long scarf in the same colors like your pants ! Send us your pics on Instagram (The Blonde Moments Magazine) we will post them!

Travel & hotels in Europe / Chouette Hôtel in Paris

Today I have a new Hotel review and tipp for you in one of the most beautiful City in the world ;
Everyone is always waiting for new hotel and travel tipps and I got a lot of messages about hotels which are not so cheap and when you can not buy for a night over 1000 euros … So, today I have a hotel for you near the Eiffel Tower and where you can stay for not high prices like 800 oder more per night !

I was staying there for one night , I have a beautiful room with amazing view over Paris streets and cafes near the Eiffel – Tower.
The Hotel is very sweet and you get all things which you need for a great stay in Paris.

Sweet rooms, nice service and in the morning you can enjoy a breakfast buffet with croissants,
 coffee, tea , hot chocolate, cheese and some fruits of course too!

And one of the good news too is that you don’t need to go to the metro or you don’t need a Taxi when you walk around ! You can walk in some minutes to the Eiffel Tower and you have a lot of cafes, shops, supermarkets and parks in this areas!
More about the Hotel in the next The Blonde Moments Magazine too!!!!

You can find the Hotel here :
237 Rue de la Convention, 75015 Paris, Frankreich
Check the Instagram from the HOTEL CLICK HERE 
and the website too click here 

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The best tips for a long flight

Not everyone is a big fan of long flights and a lot of guests around the world have only bad things in her mind when they thinking about the new trip .

But the next time we promise you, you will love the time on your plane and you will relax like the other people on board .

The first thing is make a list what you need for a great trip “in heaven”

when you like music , listen to some fav music on your phone , when you are a book lover , read your fav book at this time .

When you want to sleep the most of time because you fly overnight , don’t forget your fav pillow , spray it with some sleep spray and will sleep like a baby.

Wear cozy clothes like jogging pants, sneakers, cozy socks, and a sweater when its a little bit cold . Don’t wear heels, jeans, leather jackets etc.

Some snacks are great for a long flight and gives you power but please check it before you’re going on board what you can do in your and bag.

The to do vacation list

I love holidays but I hate it when I have to much things in my bags and on my way to the airport with too much stuff inside , after so much travel over the years I have a to do travel list and things which you really need on every trip around the world ..but lets not talking toooo much lets start with my 5 things for a good vacation and things do you need for sure 🙂

The first things are ADAPTER this point is super important for every country , you should check it before you go which adapter do you need in your holidays !believe me the most of the time do you need it when you arrive at the airport because you need your phone / laptop etc for a call , a number , a bus stop and and and when you will buy it at the airport it cost 3 more as in so many stores !The next one are credit cards !

these ones are important when you off to the USA . So many things which you want to do every day like a visit at the supermarket , a car rent , a hotel booking and and you will need a credit card of course you can buy some things cash but for a car or a hotel do you need a card .

Medicine is the next one on my list !I can tell you so many stories when I was in so many countries and I need some things because some things are going crazy like a bite from a pet, teeth promplems or whatever !Do you need some easy things which will help you always like IBU, some patches, cold cream when you are falling and and it will helps you a lot !


a Sun blocker , a sunglasses and a hat are always the best things on a vacation .You should have it in your bag when you on your way to your holidays !A camera!Is one of the best things on every adventure since 22222 years and this will never ends ! DOnt forget to make great pictures and have a amazing time 🙂