Today I have an Interview for you which I made with the beautiful Iman McDonnaugh from Wilhelmina Models NYC !
How did you get into modeling?
Becoming a model was always a dream of mine but I didn’t know I could be a plus size model. So before my last semester of college (I graduated a semester early) I decided to finally get some pictures taken and put myself out there online so I could finally try and see what happens. I made my own website and my mother managers quickly found me and told me that I could be a plus size model. They set me up with Wilhelmina in NY, where I’m from, and the rest is history!
What is the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is that I love it! Not many people have the privilege to work their dream job, let alone one in the cut throat world of fashion. Modeling isn’t an easy job, but it’s super fun and uncommon and I’m so happy that I took the chance to risk putting myself out there and having my dreams come true. Every day is a pleasure for me at work and I never take it for granted.
Do you have a favorite Shooting?
One of my favorite shoots was when I did an editorial in what looked like a super old mansion. We shot it in Long island City and from the outside it just looked like another old dirty building but when you walked inside it was like a castle with the highest ceilings, biggest painted rooms and sky high book shelves lined with dusty books in foreign languages. The old fashioned decor was beautiful, it’s hard to describe it all in just words!
What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is how much fun it is. It’s an interesting job because you get bookings at the last minute and it really creates an “off the cuff” lifestyle that you have to adjust to, which can be highly stressful for a lot of people. But if you can relax and enjoy the moments, I think the random flights to foreign places, last minute amazing jobs, and randomly seeing your face pop up in stores you always shopped at, is the best part!

What are your favorite beauty products?

I love Cetaphil facial cleanser and Cerave moisturizing cream. They work best for my skin and I know I can rely on them. I also recently came across a shop in downtown NYC called “Soapology,” and I am now completely in love with them! All of their skin care products are natural and organic and have done wonders for my skin! Their dead sea salt scrub is a miracle in a jar and you can customize the scented oils to your liking. My absolute favorite scent is their Sangria White Peach. I actually just took another trip there to pick up some new products that I will definitely be writing about on my own blog soon. I’m pretty sure my entire bathroom will be full of Soapology products in no time lol!
You have beautiful hair, what’s your secret?
Thank you! I like to condition my hair a lot. I used to use a lot of Garnier products but I’m slowly switching over to Mixed Chicks products; I finally tried them and they are great for hair like mine! I have started using their leave in conditioner so that my hair is always being nourished whether I’m on set or at home and I’d like to start using their regular conditioner as well. I’d say my secret is to not put too much junk in my hair and leave it alone! I don’t even use gel anymore, I just mix some Moroccan Argan oil and leave in conditioner together, run it through my hair and let it air dry. That’s it! Oh and I only use The Wet Brush to detangle my hair, it’s super gentle and gets all the knots out quick and pain free!
What is your favorite city?
My favorite city, NYC of course! Well, I have a love/hate relationship with NYC. It’s a magical place but it can wear you down…but you will always miss it when you’re not there! I’d love to travel more and discover more favorite cities. Several years ago I had the pleasure of visiting France where we went to Paris, Carcassonne and several other locations and I loved them all. I’ve also been to Las Vegas which is an amazing city but there are still plenty of places left for me to discover. I haven’t been to LA yet, that’s definitely a city on my list!
What are your plans for the future?
My plans for the future include traveling, becoming a very successful model, and expanding my brand. I want to try my hand at a lot of different tasks that I believe in due time will come to fruition. I can’t wait to see all the surprises and exciting opportunities to come in my career in fashion!
Thanks Iman for the interview
pics from Iman
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