You know Im a big travel fan
I love the food in other countries, the people, the places, the weather and too much more things
but what is a trip without pics for the future ?!?!
But a pic is not only a pic , what is the best time to make some great pics and what are good pics and what not …
today I will tell you my fav pic to do list when I travel !
The first thing is the best time ..
The best time for a great pic is sunset or sunrise !
The light is very beautiful at this time and gives your pics more special!
From what should you do making pics ?!?
I say always what I see at the first sight I make a pic from this ..
sometimes Im sitting a port and see a small house with only some blue flowers or yellow windows and its so special that I want to make a pic from this , but sometimes everyone is telling you from a special place which you should see and when you there you don’t like it….
Make pics from what you love and see!
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