Interview with Justin Jesso ! part 1

Jenny Burgartz has interviewed the amazing and talented Singer and Artist Justin Jesso for the Blonde Moments Magazine !Today we want to share you Part 1 of the interview with Justin ! Stay tuned for part 2 ! Read the full interview in the magazine, you can shop it at blurb or in the appleContinue reading “Interview with Justin Jesso ! part 1”

Justin Jesso in interview

The new The Blonde Moments Magazine is out and Jenny Burgartz has interviewed Superstar Justin Jesso . Justin talks about the Corona time, new music and have some great news for his fans too. More about this great interview with Justin in the next days ! DONT MISS IT!   Pic by Marta Literska

The new Blonde Moments Magazine is out

The new issue of the Blonde Moments Magazine is out! We have some special interviews and stars like Justin Jesso, Timothy White , Jenny Burgartz and many more inside ! More news today !! Stay tuned!  

Cold Brew coffee selbst gemacht!

Wir lieben Kaffee!! ganz besonders den in den USA beliebten COLD BREW ! Im Sommer mit Eiswürfeln ein absoluter Genuss , selbst an einem Montag Morgen! Doch wie gelingt er genauso gut zuhause wenn man keine Zeit hat einen zu kaufen ?!?! Wir haben die Antwort ! Es ist super einfach !! Ihr braucht dazuContinue reading “Cold Brew coffee selbst gemacht!”

Why you should visit Malibu …

when you in LA Im sure you will have some places on your visit -listand maybe one of them is MALIBU !But when not here are my facts why you should visit Malibu the next time! You can see the most beautiful sunsets every day !Of course sometimes its a litte bit dark and rainy andContinue reading “Why you should visit Malibu …”

Get ready for 24 hours in NYC

When you have the chance and you are on your way to NYC but you have not time for a longtime packing and you have nooo idea what you should take on your trip or when youvery soon or of course maybe not so soon in New York but only for one day I have the bestContinue reading “Get ready for 24 hours in NYC”

Interview with Rebecca

Tell the readers something about yourself in some words. Well, I’m currently a junior in college so my blog is something people see as attainable because I’m just a 20 year old trying to balance school and social life just like everyone else while trying to remain fashionable at the same time!  tell something aboutContinue reading “Interview with Rebecca”

Loren Ridinger for The Blonde Moments Magazine

IN the next issue of The Blonde Moments Magazine we have the beautiful and one of the best business woman Lauren Ridinger with a exclusive interview in the magazine !! Stay tuned for more in the next days! pics credit / Market America | SHOP.COM.