The best Hotels in the magazine !


You know I travel a lot and I have so many fav places around the world and of course there is one thing when you travel what you have always in your mind and list and is a hotel in every city!

In the Magazine I have always only my fav hotels which I prefer and which are give you a great feeling when you in the city and a hotel where you can really relax and happy at your stay at this time! In the first issue and of course in the next one I have so many great hotels for you but we have not only Hotels soon inside , you will see  soon apartments ,  and Hotels which are really great but top secret spots 🙂

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I can’t wait to show you the secret hotels, apartments and the best luxury hotels around the world!
Here you can see always my fav Hotel in Germany this is the one and only Breidenbacher Hof in Düsseldorf .
This one is of course very luxury but the service and the location of this Hotel is amazing !
You have the best rooms , the best suites with a view over the city and the legendary Königsallee .  The breakfast at this stay is amazing too , I was drinking there one of my fav Coffees and the best eggs for a good start in the day 🙂
You can see the Breidenbacher Hof Düsseldorf
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