what about the beach body in winter ?!!? 
the time was running and the pizza was so good and on easter the chocolate eggs are so sweet and yummy …😜the summer is over , autumn is coming , we don’t wear tops, shorts, dresses, bikinis not every day .. we are changing from summer to winter , from
bikini to a coat, to Ugg boots , to a beanie to a winter -body ….
But do you really need a workout every day , do you really need a diet in the next weeks to geht healthy after the winter holidays ?!!? read my tips for a normal start with your body!
Today I have some tipps for you what you can do when you on your way to a beach body :
walk walk walk walk walk 
yes walk when you can and more as every day before!
walking a lot gives you a lot of power and your body will say thank you after some weeks trust me!
walk to a supermarket, to school, to your work and what you can do every day …
the next one are
eat protein things, like eggs, fish, nuts etc and not so much sweets, bread , pizza 😜
when you mix it with you walk baby every day plan it works perfect !
YOU can see I make a plan for your which you can do perfect when you have no time for sport or you hate sport etc.
Start with these easy things every day  , don’t say to yourself too much NO YOU CANT EAT THAT , NO DONT DO IT !
Have fun , know what you can eat and eat what you love and love yourself and go out —
The beach body is coming in winter !!!

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