Get a Beach body in winter!


what about the beach body in winter ?!!? 
the time was running and the pizza was so good and on easter the chocolate eggs are so sweet and yummy …😜the summer is over , autumn is coming , we don’t wear tops, shorts, dresses, bikinis not every day .. we are changing from summer to winter , from
bikini to a coat, to Ugg boots , to a beanie to a winter -body ….
But do you really need a workout every day , do you really need a diet in the next weeks to geht healthy after the winter holidays ?!!? read my tips for a normal start with your body!
Today I have some tipps for you what you can do when you on your way to a beach body :
walk walk walk walk walk 
yes walk when you can and more as every day before!
walking a lot gives you a lot of power and your body will say thank you after some weeks trust me!
walk to a supermarket, to school, to your work and what you can do every day …
the next one are
eat protein things, like eggs, fish, nuts etc and not so much sweets, bread , pizza 😜
when you mix it with you walk baby every day plan it works perfect !
YOU can see I make a plan for your which you can do perfect when you have no time for sport or you hate sport etc.
Start with these easy things every day  , don’t say to yourself too much NO YOU CANT EAT THAT , NO DONT DO IT !
Have fun , know what you can eat and eat what you love and love yourself and go out —
The beach body is coming in winter !!!
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