Brands we love : Sporty and Rich

Todays week we are starting with some brands we love ! And at the moment we love it cozy and sporty!
CEO/Founder Jenny Burgartz are in love with complete outfits by Sporty and Rich on her Instagram she shows some of her fav looks by the brand –

A white shorts by the Label and a oversized sweater in a baby blue color which perfect match with blonde hair!
DO you like sporty and cozy outfits too?

Whats your fav Brand this Saison?

Cyril Benzaquen in the Blonde Moments Magazine

For all sport Fans we have good news for you all,

Cyril Benzaquen talks with Jenny Burgartz in the new issue of The Blonde Moments Magazine about his work, fitness and his life motto.

Pic / Cyril Benzaquen/ Nicolas Fagot Studio. 

More about this interview in the next days ! The other good news are you can shop the Blonde Moments Magazine now at the Apple Ibooks store !


Exklusive Schweinsteiger-Doku startet am 5. Juni auf Amazon Prime!


© Foto: obs/

Ab den 5. Juni 2020 ist es endlich soweit, denn dann erscheint die schon von vielen erwartete Dokumentation

auf Amazon Prime Video!
Produziert wird sie von keinem geringeren als Til Schweiger !
Zu sehen ist der Film exklusiv für alle Prime-Mitglieder bei Amazon , den beliebtestem Video-Streamingdienst Deutschlands.
In der Dokumentation ist nicht nur die großartige Laufbahn des Bastian Schweinsteiger und seinen Anfängen bis zu seinem Karriereende zu sehen, auch auf private Einblicke in das Fußballer-Dasein mit seiner Frau Tennis-Star Ana Ivanovic (32) und sein Leben abseits des Grüns dürfen sich seine Fans freuen!
Fussball Fans bekommen ausserdem viele bekannte Gesichter und Wegbegleiter der letzten Jahre zu sehen und es melden sich die bekanntesten Fußball-Legenden wie

Oliver Kahn, Uli Hoeneß oder Karl-Heinz Rummenigge zu Wort.
Der Amazon Original Film wird von Til Schweiger mit seiner Firma Barefoot Films produziert.


The best Hotels in the magazine !


You know I travel a lot and I have so many fav places around the world and of course there is one thing when you travel what you have always in your mind and list and is a hotel in every city!

In the Magazine I have always only my fav hotels which I prefer and which are give you a great feeling when you in the city and a hotel where you can really relax and happy at your stay at this time! In the first issue and of course in the next one I have so many great hotels for you but we have not only Hotels soon inside , you will see  soon apartments ,  and Hotels which are really great but top secret spots 🙂

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I can’t wait to show you the secret hotels, apartments and the best luxury hotels around the world!
Here you can see always my fav Hotel in Germany this is the one and only Breidenbacher Hof in Düsseldorf .
This one is of course very luxury but the service and the location of this Hotel is amazing !
You have the best rooms , the best suites with a view over the city and the legendary Königsallee .  The breakfast at this stay is amazing too , I was drinking there one of my fav Coffees and the best eggs for a good start in the day 🙂
You can see the Breidenbacher Hof Düsseldorf

Get a Beach body in winter!


what about the beach body in winter ?!!? 
the time was running and the pizza was so good and on easter the chocolate eggs are so sweet and yummy …😜the summer is over , autumn is coming , we don’t wear tops, shorts, dresses, bikinis not every day .. we are changing from summer to winter , from
bikini to a coat, to Ugg boots , to a beanie to a winter -body ….
But do you really need a workout every day , do you really need a diet in the next weeks to geht healthy after the winter holidays ?!!? read my tips for a normal start with your body!
Today I have some tipps for you what you can do when you on your way to a beach body :
walk walk walk walk walk 
yes walk when you can and more as every day before!
walking a lot gives you a lot of power and your body will say thank you after some weeks trust me!
walk to a supermarket, to school, to your work and what you can do every day …
the next one are
eat protein things, like eggs, fish, nuts etc and not so much sweets, bread , pizza 😜
when you mix it with you walk baby every day plan it works perfect !
YOU can see I make a plan for your which you can do perfect when you have no time for sport or you hate sport etc.
Start with these easy things every day  , don’t say to yourself too much NO YOU CANT EAT THAT , NO DONT DO IT !
Have fun , know what you can eat and eat what you love and love yourself and go out —
The beach body is coming in winter !!!

The best hiking tips !

I love hiking more as shopping and dancing in clubs ! Trust me !
And I can’t wait for the next long California hikes soon or my daily hiking route at Runyon canyon Park in LA .
But when you off for a long hiking day , there are few things which you should do when you want
a great day with a happy ending:)
The first important thing is the shoes!
The right shoes are on my list on number one.
When you have a good hiking shoe ( some for hiking / climbing/ sport/ )
you will have more fun as when you off with some chucks or normal street shoes and before I forget it sometimes I see girls in Malibu with heels …I mean ….:D
when you have the right shoe you can walk and walk and walk and walllllkkkk !
The next one sun blocker and sunglasses !
YES this is important for me because Im super pale and when Im off fora hike without a sun blocker it takes not long time later and Im red , so don’t forget in the morning after you wake up the sun blocker and for the day do it in your bag!
Snacks and water …
Are always a good idea ! Take some fresh foods like cashews, orange , and chocolate in your bag and a water too because sometimes you need some sugar and some food !
AND last but not least a HAT
because the sun is not your best friend in the nature and when you off for a long weekend hike !