Cyril Benzaquen in the Blonde Moments Magazine

For all sport Fans we have good news for you all,

Cyril Benzaquen talks with Jenny Burgartz in the new issue of The Blonde Moments Magazine about his work, fitness and his life motto.

Pic / Cyril Benzaquen/ Nicolas Fagot Studio. 

More about this interview in the next days ! The other good news are you can shop the Blonde Moments Magazine now at the Apple Ibooks store !


The best food for your stay at home


The time for a long gym are over at the moment , but of course we can do some fitness at home to get healthy.

But what about the food!?! When a lot of things not easy to buy at the moment or when you want to eat a lot at your home office time…

We have today the best food which you should eat to get healthy right now …

The first one are vegetables , fish, and protein products.  Some things you can cool are rice with bones, carrots, broccoli, onions and some tomato sauce works perfect daily.

Rice or potatoes its a great idea with some salmon when you hungry .

For a snack use some cashew, pretzel, fruits with yoghurt , or porridge to get healthy .

But don’t forget to take your daily vitamin c with orange, lemons, apples and many more fruits !

The best and easy way for a great beach body without fitness !

The summer is not over and everyone wants a beach body very fast !
The Blonde Moments Magazine has good news for you and we have 3 easy steps which you can do every day for a great body!
Eat more protein every day , eat some eggs in the morning, eat some fish at lunch time, drink some shakes in your free time , it helps a lot for a great and strong body.

Walk every day 30 minutes ! When you don’t have free time for a workout , sport and fitness walk every day 30 minutes you can do this when you walk to your job, when you go with your dog or when you need fresh food at the supermarket!

Drink coffee and water it helps to clean your body and coffee wakes you up and water gives your body a lot of power and makes your skin really beautiful too !

The best tips for a great body and its so easy!

ITS summer time and of course everyone is making sooo many many maaaaany pics on the beachfrom the water , the beach, the food, the palm tress or from yourself and your friends, kids, boy or girlfriend.

But there are some things which you should do when you want to make great beach pics and today I will tell you my tipps which are always working when I have some shoots for beach wear at the summer time!

The first step are the skin! A lot of people are sure it works only when you make 343434 sit ups before the shoot starts or thinking you should not eat weeks before you will make some pics on the beach but for me I say its bullshit! I mean of course you can not eat 44 cakes every day or one Pizza every morning but when we are talking only about the food for me its a little bit from this and this and thats OK you can and should eat a Pizza when you want and of course you can eat when you want a Ice cream at the summer time when you want it ! The Important thing for a pics are always the TAN !My skin is very pale and Im very dainty since I was born but when I have not a tan for some beach pics it looks not like a “cool body summer pic” thats the reason why I need always a fake tan for summer pics .

When you make it before the shoot starts you look always more “fit” as before , you have muscles you never seen this before and the light are works better on your pics .Of course its not easy to find a good fake bronzer , the most of them are always orange , yellow and after some hours you loo like a chocolate – vanilla cake and not like a beach babe 🙂 

For me the best bronzer are always from fake bake and St Tropez ! For my pale skin it works great it is not so dark and not orange and not yellow ! 

Best HOTELS IN PARIS – Parister Hotel !


I have a new fav Hotel in Paris since last week on my list and its the new insider tipp for you and your next Trip to Paris!
MY fav new Hotel in Paris is near the opera and new in the streets its the hotel
When I was there I feel like very cozy and home in my Junior suite and I promise you have
a great sleep there ! The breakfast is really amazing too you will have great fresh coffee, eggs, fruits, bread, suits and a lot of things which you need for a good start in the day !
The pool and the fitness room are open for you 24 hours what I really love, because in a lot
hotels you can not visit the pool or fitness rooms 24 hours but when you have a lot of work every day sometimes you need the pool at midnight 🙂
more infos about the hotel
you can see it on the website


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Get a Beach body in winter!


what about the beach body in winter ?!!? 
the time was running and the pizza was so good and on easter the chocolate eggs are so sweet and yummy …😜the summer is over , autumn is coming , we don’t wear tops, shorts, dresses, bikinis not every day .. we are changing from summer to winter , from
bikini to a coat, to Ugg boots , to a beanie to a winter -body ….
But do you really need a workout every day , do you really need a diet in the next weeks to geht healthy after the winter holidays ?!!? read my tips for a normal start with your body!
Today I have some tipps for you what you can do when you on your way to a beach body :
walk walk walk walk walk 
yes walk when you can and more as every day before!
walking a lot gives you a lot of power and your body will say thank you after some weeks trust me!
walk to a supermarket, to school, to your work and what you can do every day …
the next one are
eat protein things, like eggs, fish, nuts etc and not so much sweets, bread , pizza 😜
when you mix it with you walk baby every day plan it works perfect !
YOU can see I make a plan for your which you can do perfect when you have no time for sport or you hate sport etc.
Start with these easy things every day  , don’t say to yourself too much NO YOU CANT EAT THAT , NO DONT DO IT !
Have fun , know what you can eat and eat what you love and love yourself and go out —
The beach body is coming in winter !!!

The best hiking tips !

I love hiking more as shopping and dancing in clubs ! Trust me !
And I can’t wait for the next long California hikes soon or my daily hiking route at Runyon canyon Park in LA .
But when you off for a long hiking day , there are few things which you should do when you want
a great day with a happy ending:)
The first important thing is the shoes!
The right shoes are on my list on number one.
When you have a good hiking shoe ( some for hiking / climbing/ sport/ )
you will have more fun as when you off with some chucks or normal street shoes and before I forget it sometimes I see girls in Malibu with heels …I mean ….:D
when you have the right shoe you can walk and walk and walk and walllllkkkk !
The next one sun blocker and sunglasses !
YES this is important for me because Im super pale and when Im off fora hike without a sun blocker it takes not long time later and Im red , so don’t forget in the morning after you wake up the sun blocker and for the day do it in your bag!
Snacks and water …
Are always a good idea ! Take some fresh foods like cashews, orange , and chocolate in your bag and a water too because sometimes you need some sugar and some food !
AND last but not least a HAT
because the sun is not your best friend in the nature and when you off for a long weekend hike !