The best hiking tips !

I love hiking more as shopping and dancing in clubs ! Trust me !
And I can’t wait for the next long California hikes soon or my daily hiking route at Runyon canyon Park in LA .
But when you off for a long hiking day , there are few things which you should do when you want
a great day with a happy ending:)
The first important thing is the shoes!
The right shoes are on my list on number one.
When you have a good hiking shoe ( some for hiking / climbing/ sport/ )
you will have more fun as when you off with some chucks or normal street shoes and before I forget it sometimes I see girls in Malibu with heels …I mean ….:D
when you have the right shoe you can walk and walk and walk and walllllkkkk !
The next one sun blocker and sunglasses !
YES this is important for me because Im super pale and when Im off fora hike without a sun blocker it takes not long time later and Im red , so don’t forget in the morning after you wake up the sun blocker and for the day do it in your bag!
Snacks and water …
Are always a good idea ! Take some fresh foods like cashews, orange , and chocolate in your bag and a water too because sometimes you need some sugar and some food !
AND last but not least a HAT
because the sun is not your best friend in the nature and when you off for a long weekend hike !
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