The best products for Platinum blonde hair .

After Gigi Hadid shows her new hair style and color platinblond ,

everyone is a fan of blonde platinum hair right now!

But I can tell you platinblond is beautiful , sexy and a powerful color but its expensive and you need the best products which working amazing!
Ceo / Founder Jenny Burgartz was testing a lot of products in the last years and will show you her fav products for a healthy , sexy white platinum blonde look .
“I have really long hair , no extensions and they need a lot of love daily , especially in the summer time- your hair is more dry and the sun changes the color a lot!”
“To stay my hair white blond
I use always a silver shampoo only when I need it my fav at the moment to remove orange and yellow tones are from fanola no orange shampoo.

After this I use the best mask for platinum hair, its the Kerastase cicaflash mask -it works in seconds and your long will love it!

This one works amazing and makes the hair more cool after when you using it!

But the absolut must have is the kerastase oil for platinum hair, it makes the hair no yellow , no so much oily and so much more glowy and soft .”

werbung wegen markennennung .

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