Eddy Bogaert I’m a New York City based artist with a lot of
passion. It would truly be an honor to show my art work in your
magazine. My childhood has had a deep effect on my art.. The frequent
moves from country to country, the required adaption to different
cultures and the effects that all that had on my personality all
influenced a desire to express anxiety and love in the expression of
my art. The release of color everywhere in no defined stroke or
direction, sends a subliminal message. I paint on the roof, in my
garage, on the streets and always wear my art on my jacket, on my
sleeve. I crazy glue beautiful women in my paintings to arouse the
viewer, almost as if saying “I will use the strongest glue I know of
to keep you where I put you. Where I need you to be. Every artist
needs a story.. We all feel alone and we all feel lost at moments in
our lives. We must also see the beauty in it and where it has taken. I
will drown you in vibrant colors superimposed over a dark or a blank
base. There is a lawlessness, an anarchy, and a discord that could
move you. Could it symbolize my feelings for my mother, or my need for
love ? My story reveals the beauty in what you do, what makes you
feel, and what feeds your soul. My art is in different galleries all
around New York , Los Angeles , and Miami . It’s been featured in the
Wall Street journal , Hero Magazine, and also, lets admit it, on
obscure magazines. Here is my website . Please
check out my work as well as my blog. For my solo show in art Basel
Miami I even got to paint a Lamborghini. Wilhelmina men’s fashion week
used my art as a theme for their campaign
Once again it would be an honor to have my art work in your magazine.
I hope to hear from you soon . Have a great 2016 and thank you for
your time.
The Wilhelmina men’s campaign was based on my art work


tell something about your art and your show in LA
My art is fucking amazing …and my show in la at marc Phillips decorative rugs gallery was fucking amazing …
 what is your inspo for your work?
Sex, lust and Desire…but that’s only the superficial part of my work the core of it is based on the human persona and love
 do you have a fav pic?
Yeah the one of you , yes you the one reading this – your picture is my favorite picture …all kidding aside …really like this one love the irony
Your fav. city?
New York City – even have it tattooed
Whats your fav. music?
This is hard really because I like everything even country , so my work is pretty eclectic …but I do listen to a lot more rock and roll when I am painting
 do you have a dream or a big wish for the next 4 years?
To have my art work all around the world , have some major collectors buys my art, as well as some celebrities and make enough money to live well and also help out society
Your fav. Spot in LA and NYC
My favorite spot in la in mr nice guy …but I’m pretty laid back now -a-days and hanging at some cool house parties are amazing . If I really want to party I’ll go to one oak since my friend Joao works there and he’s truly an amazing friend
In New York it all depends on the night of the week, one will see me at : Lavo, Beautique , Rose Bar, Up&Down, one oak
 coffee or tea?
Coffee but some times to relax I would drink tea
DO you have a life motto?
Don’t let your dreams fall through your fingers like sand from the hour glass
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