Jenny Burgartz secrets for beautiful hair in winter !

when its cold outside we all want to wear beanies, hats, scars …this is great for our ears, skin and head but our hair hate it !
We ask Ceo/ founder Jenny Burgartz about her secrets for beautiful hair on cold days !

Jenny, what are your fav products in autumn / winter time for your blond hair ?

Its very easy I love the mask which I always buy in London by Bleach London. This one is amazing for bleached and blonde hair . And some little oil helps when its to dry and curly on a snow and rainy day.

what do you do on a bad hair day ?

Of course I wear a hat 🙂 but you can make a beautiful braid and your hair will always looks better on a bad hair day as when you wear it open.

The best tip when you wash your hair ?

I use always a purple shampoo , a mask and a balm because I have curly hair and it helps to control the crazy hair .

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