Daily things you can do for the nature !

We love this beautiful earth and of course all the sunsets, beaches, hiking ways , tress -the nature !

Today we have some easy , daily things for you which you can daily use for a better together and a positive nature !

The first thing is what we all do and a super easy step; When you off to the supermarket don’t buy bags ! take your bag from home every time when you out for food shopping don’t do this not only when you want to buy food you can do this when you buy a body lotion , make up, or shoes too!

Don’t take plastic when you don’t need it ! Don’t use plastic bags for your apples , onions and more . When you have the choice of glas and plastic take the glas one ! When you want to buy wate , take glas, when you want to buy milk take the one in glas, do it with a lot of things like yoghurt, strawberry cream, milk, juice and and and – you will see with so easy things you can change a lot !

When you buy a coffee at the next coffee house take your own bottle always in your car, in your bag! When you need your coffee to go you don’t need a plastic cup!

Walk a lot and don’t use a car too much! When you can walk to your work , do it!
When you can go to the supermarket , do it !
Its good for the nature , for your body too!

The most beautiful pics from Paris

I think Im right when I say you can never have enough pics from Paris, right?! Thats the reason why we post today more pics from this beautiful city in Europe.

Paris always a city which you can visit in the summer time and right now in the Christmas weeks this City is for the most of the people the fav one for Christmas shopping and to visit the beautiful Christmas market .

we have again some pretty pics from Paris today , more about the Christmas market in the next days here online!

The pics all taken by Jenny Burgartz in Paris

The Nolinski Paris in the blonde moments magazine

Its time to speak about OF my fav Hotels in Paris which we is are in the new The Blonde Moments Magazine too ;

I speak from the Nolinski Paris near the Louvre !

I love this place so much , the streets, the shops and the restaurants are amazing in this area

.My fav thing in my suite at the Nolinski Paris are the big shower and the amazing breakfast in the morning and of course in the room ….

You will love it, when you wake upend you have the most beautiful view over Paris. More pics and all about the Hotel in the Magazine !

enjoy a great breakfast in the morning with a great view over Paris

Christmas Markets in Paris

The Christmas and holiday time is coming and we are ready for the Christmas markets around the world !
Today we started with some beautiful pics from Paris.

The Christmas market at the champs elysees is very beautiful and you can walk down the street to see all what you want . There are a to of places for kids , beautiful French Christmas things and a lot of yummy Christmas food and when you walk down , you can hear a lot of beautiful French and English Christmas songs. And the Ice skating on this street is a big highlight for every kid at this time!

Travel & hotels in Europe / Chouette Hôtel in Paris

Today I have a new Hotel review and tipp for you in one of the most beautiful City in the world ;
Everyone is always waiting for new hotel and travel tipps and I got a lot of messages about hotels which are not so cheap and when you can not buy for a night over 1000 euros … So, today I have a hotel for you near the Eiffel Tower and where you can stay for not high prices like 800 oder more per night !

I was staying there for one night , I have a beautiful room with amazing view over Paris streets and cafes near the Eiffel – Tower.
The Hotel is very sweet and you get all things which you need for a great stay in Paris.

Sweet rooms, nice service and in the morning you can enjoy a breakfast buffet with croissants,
 coffee, tea , hot chocolate, cheese and some fruits of course too!

And one of the good news too is that you don’t need to go to the metro or you don’t need a Taxi when you walk around ! You can walk in some minutes to the Eiffel Tower and you have a lot of cafes, shops, supermarkets and parks in this areas!
More about the Hotel in the next The Blonde Moments Magazine too!!!!

You can find the Hotel here :
237 Rue de la Convention, 75015 Paris, Frankreich
Check the Instagram from the HOTEL CLICK HERE 
and the website too click here 

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Beautfiul pics from Paris

Today on a Monday we start the week with beautiful pics from our fav city – Paris ! Paris has so many great places , so many nice streets, cafes, shops, and parks which you should visit when you there ! We have some good news for all Paris fans too, we will have a special Paris issue in the next

The Blonde Moments Magazine !

The most beautiful French Quotes

Today we have the most beautiful French quotes for you …

For all the dreamers , for you and your mind and your dreams …read the most beautiful French quotes to fall in love …

Un peuple malheureux fait les grands artistes. -Alfred de Musset

Un seul être vous manque et tout est dépeuplé. -Alphonse de Lamartine

L’amour c’est être stupide ensemble. -Paul Valéry

Le seul vrai langage au monde est un baiser. -Alfred de Musset

L’amour est comme le vent, nous ne savons pas d’où il vient. -Honoré de Balzac