The best Highlighter you can buy !

NO make up without a good highlighter !
You can use a highlighter with a natural or no make up look because it gives your skin a glow or you will love the highlighter on a full make up face .

Everyone should have a good highlighter in the make up bag and today we have our fav highlighter ;

Mac – soft and gentle – / Is a perfect highlighter for pale skin and every skin too! It gives a lot of glow and it super easy to use .

Mac – Show Gold – / Is a highlighter with gold and pink shimmer , it gives you a little pink shimmer and extra glow plus a lot of gold highlight on your face . Our extra tipp with this highlighter use it on your eyes and lips too , you will love this look!

Mac – strobe cream is perfect for people who don’t like a make up highlighter and when you need a cream with a lot of glow , you will loooove this cream!

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