Jenny Burgartz fav clothes for fall 2019

We talk with CEO/Founder of the Blonde Moments Magazine Jenny Burgartz about her fav clothes for the next fall 2019 .

What are you fav . Pants for this fall in some weeks ?
My fav pants are this year Leather shorts and pants , they are very cool with boots, Chanel sneaker and overknees ! And denim shorts not so short .

What about hats this year too?
Hats are always my fav ones for fall ! I love hats and I wear them always not only in autumn time in the summer time too.
My fav brand for a great hat is always Maison Michel!

Which shoes ?
Sneakers are perfect I think my fav this year a Chanel sneaker and chucks which I always buy in LA . But there is never a fall without Overknees and boots . This year my fav color is brown.

Jackets ? A Coat is always a must have , a leather jacket too !

Skirts ?
Yes ! My fav are long denim skirts , I can’t wait to wait it this year with a cool hoodie or casual shirt !

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