The best red lipsticks !

Red lips are since years are the most beautiful make up look ever.

When you tell someone about red lips you will think about Marilyn Monroe in her movies or a fresh make up look on the last Chanel show!
Today we have our top 2 fav red lipsticks .

Mac – Ruby woo / is a great lipstick and make your tooth lighter too. The finish is matt and its perfect for a long day!

Chanel- We don’t need a special Chanel color to say for you because every color by Chanel in red is amazing, go to the counter and check your fav color you will love them!

The best Highlighter you can buy !

NO make up without a good highlighter !
You can use a highlighter with a natural or no make up look because it gives your skin a glow or you will love the highlighter on a full make up face .

Everyone should have a good highlighter in the make up bag and today we have our fav highlighter ;

Mac – soft and gentle – / Is a perfect highlighter for pale skin and every skin too! It gives a lot of glow and it super easy to use .

Mac – Show Gold – / Is a highlighter with gold and pink shimmer , it gives you a little pink shimmer and extra glow plus a lot of gold highlight on your face . Our extra tipp with this highlighter use it on your eyes and lips too , you will love this look!

Mac – strobe cream is perfect for people who don’t like a make up highlighter and when you need a cream with a lot of glow , you will loooove this cream!