The best tips for a long flight

Not everyone is a big fan of long flights and a lot of guests around the world have only bad things in her mind when they thinking about the new trip .

But the next time we promise you, you will love the time on your plane and you will relax like the other people on board .

The first thing is make a list what you need for a great trip “in heaven”

when you like music , listen to some fav music on your phone , when you are a book lover , read your fav book at this time .

When you want to sleep the most of time because you fly overnight , don’t forget your fav pillow , spray it with some sleep spray and will sleep like a baby.

Wear cozy clothes like jogging pants, sneakers, cozy socks, and a sweater when its a little bit cold . Don’t wear heels, jeans, leather jackets etc.

Some snacks are great for a long flight and gives you power but please check it before you’re going on board what you can do in your and bag.

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