This beauty products are perfect for your holidays!

Which products are perfect for your holidays this summer?!?
And what do you really need on your vacation!?!
Now, we have the tipps for thinks which you really need:

The best things for your skin;

A suncream (50+) for face and body.

A face cream for dry skin

A after sun or thermal spray which helps you a lot when you skin burns from the sun .

Clensing wipes to take off your make up or wash gel etc.

for your make up,

A concealer when the night was long…

When you really need a make up for your skin take a make up which is a little bit matt , because it will helps you when its to hot outside!

A mascara for fresh eyes

some glow cream or highlighter because in the sun you will glow more!

A lipstick for the night in your fav color, great a red or pink for the summer.

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