Packing for holidays!

We are in the best time of the year , the holiday saison. But every time we have all one problem when we are packing for the trip!
Today we have some tipps for you what should you do , and what you really need on your vacation!

The right clothes , are important and this is the first way for the right bag.

The first rule is think about the weather, what is your plan on your trip and whats your fav clothes for this…

When you have a fav dress , take this one in your bag , when you have a fav pants take this one ! The most of the time we are going shopping on your trip and dont wearing everything in your bag!

The next one is think about the weather … When you off for summer holidays don’t pack only tops and dresses, take one jacket or sweater to the rest of your clothes when its raining or colder …

The right shoes ! take one pair of shoes for a dinner , and one sandals and one sneaker when you need them too!

And of course the last one are the swimwear , take a bikini, swimsuit which you really like and which size are perfekt for you , so you will have a great time at the beach too!!

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