Why you should visit Malibu …

when you in LA Im sure you will have some places on your visit -listand maybe one of them is MALIBU !But when not here are my facts why you should visit Malibu the next time!

You can see the most beautiful sunsets every day !Of course sometimes its a litte bit dark and rainy and you will have not the best weather for great sunset , but the most of the time its amazing !Make friends in 20 minutes!When you at the beach , sitting there or go out for a coffee near the beach you will meet always new people and maybe friends for live !

Book a apartment in Malibu When you in LA for only 2 weeks book a room in Malibu maybe for a weekend, you can go to the beach at sunrise , you can walking in the mountains and you have all what you need there like Ralph’s, Starbucks, trader joes, CVS and many more you don’t need go back to LA for any things!In some minutes in Santa Monica Ok, when its not soooo many traffic around Malibu you can drive to Santa Monica in like 20 minutes Make beautiful pics on every corner !

Malibu has so many beautiful places on every street, every location and you can make the most beautiful pics on your phone or camera !

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