The best care for your hair in the sun!

The Summer is back and we are out on the sea, at the beach, eating a lot of ice-creams and we love to do to make a big BBQ with friends on long summer nights!

But always in the summer time we change our daily routine for our body, skin and hair too.

Today lets start with the hair!

My hair is blond and bleached and the summer times is more stressful for my hair too, 

but I have some things at this time which are always working , l want to tell you some of this secrets today ;

Use a sun protect shampoo , it helps you a little bit more as a normal one and make it softer !

Use always a toner because your hair color will change in the sun , I use from Bleach London the White heat.  Make a mask too when you have the time !

Use daily sprays which you can not wash out likes spray conditioner , some oil etc. 

Use always a hair clipper or a hair-band , it will not break your hair and works better!

Use a hat, a beanie etc when you out , its better for yourself and for your hair too!!

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