Things you can only do on Christmas !

its Christmas time and everyone is ready for the time of the year ..

but what should you really do in the weeks before its Christmas and which things you can do only at this time …so, today here is the Christmas to do list which you can only do at this time …

the first thing is visit a Christmas market !

Because you know it (IM SURE::) Christmas markets are only ready for a visit at end of the year , and a Christmas market is not like a festival or in Germany a “kirmes”.

The cold weather, the chocolate, the almonds, the smell from sweet things are only at Christmas markets and not every time of the year!

Buy a Christmas Tree! *YES thats the next point,  a Christmas tree is only one of the things you can only do on Christmas time ! Go with your Kids and search for a beautiful tree and give him every year a new name , you will your kids will love that! 

Make your Home into a winter wonderland !

Why it works better on Christmas, give your house, your rooms lights, angels, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, snow and a lot of Christmas things its only working at this time too and you will see how many people will love that! 

happy Christmas ! 

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