In the last weeks I got some emails and messages on twitter about my new camera,
about how can I make great pics and what is the best time for great pics and the best light and
what are the most beautiful places for shoots , nature and more .
Today I will tell some tipps for your next pics and from all your questions:

Which Camera I used for my travel pics?

First the pics from looks, shoots and more are from my photographer and team or
the team with I was working for this or this shoot !
My travel pics and sometimes outfits are taken with my new camera sony alpha 5000 or 6000 .
I love this camera because I can take this cam everywhere which I want like in the city,
at a hiking trip , in a car or whatever and for videos are this cam great too!

Which time are the best for pics?

The best time is always after 6 or when the sun comes out in the morning ,
but when you want to make great pics from a day you can make always great pics
every hour !
The best pics are always when you have no idea what will happen;)

DSC00847l Which city are great?

When you want pics for a bikini shoot you should go to Miami, Mexico or in Europe Spain!
The light are always great , the heaven very blue and its perfect for summer shoots!
When you want snow pics go to sweden, austria, toronto or france.
Night pics are of course great in NYC , Las Vegas, California and and and
When you want a lot history in europe you should go to Berlin!
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