how to contour your body easy

 At summer time and of course everyone is making sooo many many maaaaany pics on the beach
from the water , the beach, the food, the palm tress or from yourself and your friends, kids, boy or girlfriend. But there are some things which you should do when you want to make great beach pics and today I will tell you my tipps which are always working when I have some shoots for beach wear at the summer time!
The first step are the skin! A lot of people are sure it works only when you make 343434 sit ups before the shoot starts or thinking you should not eat weeks before you will make some pics on the beach but for me I say its bullshit! I mean of course you can not eat 44 cakes every day or one Pizza every morning but when we are talking only about the food for me its a little bit from this and this and thats OK you can and should eat a Pizza when you want and of course you can eat when you want a Ice cream at the summer time when you want it !
The Important thing for a pics are always the TAN !
My skin is very pale and Im very dainty since I was born but when I have not a tan for some beach pics it looks not like a “cool body summer pic” thats the reason why I need always a fake tan for summer pics . When you make it before the shoot starts you look always more “fit” as before , you have muscles you never seen this before and the light are works better on your pics .
Of course its not easy to find a good fake bronzer , the most of them are always orange , yellow and after some hours you loo like a chocolate – vanilla cake and not like a beach babe 🙂
For me the best bronzer are always from fake bake and St Tropez !
For my pale skin it works great it is not so dark and not orange and not yellow !
And Im happy that I don’t look like a chocolate -vanilla cake 🙂 Which products I use are this week here on the blog !
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