3 tips for getting longer hair !

 Sometimes when I cut my hair in the past like bangs , or the lengths I always have a message when im some weeks my bangs are off or my hair is longer what I do….
Now today I will tell you  some things what I do when I need or want longer hair
and what really works!
Dont CUT!
this step is super easy because when you need longer hair dont cut it!
dont cut it for 2-3 months and you will see your is longer in this weeks as you think !
Dont curl or straight your hair when you dont need that!
Its always better and your hair shows you the effect after some weeks.
Use always great mask and shampoos I prefer Kerastase or Loreal shampoos which are great at this time and make a braid every night when you sleeping it works great too and at the morning you never need curly work for your hair!
Sometimes its great too when you change your food!!
Eat more fish, veggie, nuits, and some fruits for some power and shiny hair !
And relax , relax , relax because its always better as a hard day or week for your beauty , skin and hair !
When you have a bob and you want longer hair you can use extensions with clips for some hairstyles or looks and after some weeks you have your hair long like the extensions !
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