What we learned from French woman–style

What we learned from French woman–style
 When I learn a lot of things about fashion and beauty than I learned from the woman in france .
The most of the things are very easy but the look are very big today I will show you some things for every day and for the next party or fashionweek:!
Great skin
when you a little tired your skin needs a booster in france a lot of people used the avene 
face spray over the day and your skin will look fresh and glossy.
The Make up
only a concealer a mascara is enough for a french look 
use a great mascare and a light concealer for your eyes and skin maybe a little bit rouge too.
The Lips
I see the most beautiful lips always in france and on french woman 
Do it too and use a great lip liner and mix it with a lipstick in red or rose or pink 
like a beautiful french flower.
The shoes 
the most of the woman there are wear flat shoes like cool white sneaker , boots, 
or chucks it gives your look the coolnes 
The hair
is always great und shiny 
you can wear it open with a cool hat ,
a hair bow
and a lot of hair oil .

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