How to make a perfect selfie ?!?!

11116712_842360899185862_876666308_nI travel a lot and a very importand thing for me and a lot of other people
is to make pics when you travel because with pics you have the best memory from your adevntures!
A pic is more as a selfie or a pic from the super lunch food today.
With pics you can tell storys about a city where you fall in love a street where you spotted the best burger  , a heaven where you saw the best sunset ever …
but what should you do that you have later a great pic ?!?!
These things are important for perfect pics:

The light, a great heaven is always better as an rainy day 

when its summer time and the sun is always shinning make pics in the morning or late when the sun goes down this light gives you a glow in the pics.
look at the background !!!
A lot of  people look always at himself not what is behind them sometimes a great wall or 
a great tree gives a pic more life !
Dont make a duckface !
And dont make pics like everrrrrrry blogger do I mean everyone 
has flowers , fresh food , the new lipsticks , the super clean room, the new this and this on the instagram accounts 
what is with the REAL world where are the room with socks in the front
 or the super morning selfie with crazy hair and crazy skin ?! 
I love stories not the super I will do what everyone makes on instagram …
Everyone has one life and its special and share it with your pics!!
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