Jenny Burgartz in the interview about her first collection

CEO / Founder Jenny Burgartz talks in the new magazine about the first collection for

the blonde moments magazine , what is important for her and what you will find in the first shop .

Where did you get the idea to make a collection for the magazine ?

I was planning this a long time  ago, I have the idea to make a collection for the magazine but I have not started it . 

This year during the hard times with Covid 19 a  I use the Chance with extra time and started the collection with a lot of ideas .

Where did you get your Inspo from ?
I get the Inspo for my work on a lot of things , like a book, a hiking morning, some art, travel or my friends worldwide .

All together gives a new thing and inspo for your work!

What was important for you for the first collection?
Important for me was that I support Fair – Fashion !
I was searching and speaking with so much brands to work together .  

What is so special about the first collection?
Its all Bio Cotton, fair fashion and Handmade with love !

Will there be more thing coming?
Yes we will have new shirts , new hoodies, bags and many cool things in the next time! Stay tuned !

Highlights from Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion week has starts and today we want to show you some of our fav looks this week!
Today we start with NEHERA .

This Looks from the SS21 collection a perfect for a sunny day in a park or on a business meeting !

The colors beige, black and nude are perfect to mix with a lot styles and colors!

pics by Nehera

The first collection

The Blonde Moments Magazine is bringing the first Woman and Men collection out this year!

Ceo/Founder Jenny Burgartz is working and planning for a lot of new styles and looks for our first collection!
We can wait to show you a lot of new pics and the first collection from our lovely magazine!

We are in love with the nature and of course our collection will be made with Bio – Cotton and recycled ! Stay tuned for more !!

Slouchy Jeans are the best trend for 2020

This year we have a fav must -have and its not a bag or a jacket its the Slouchy Jeans !
This Jeans is super cozy and works perfect with you fav old Chucks, or heels, or in summer days with flats !

A Slouchy Jeans needs of course for a perfect look a beautiful belt and with a sexy top or blazer you will have one of the best looks in the next spring and summer days !

For all cool girls out there , mix this pants with a denim top or a jeans jacket in the same color !

Tatras FW 20/21 in Paris

today we have some our fav looks by Tatras FW 20/21 from Paris !

We really love this collection this year the new Tatras collection from Paris some days ago takes us on an great, open journey through the time and brings together a vintage influence with a contemporary appeal. We say Bravo!

See our fav looks by the collection ; more about Tatras in the next days!

pics and infos by totem fashion / tatras

Farhad re Couture week in Paris

Today we have the fav Looks from Farhad re For the haute couture week in Paris !

Jenny Burgartz was visiting his show in Paris and show us today her fav looks at this evening !

Jenny ; ” The show was fantastic, the location perfect and the colors are great for the next spring, my fav was a red shoulder free dress too!”

Here are the Fashion week dates for 2019/20

Today we have the rest dates for the next fashion week dates for you. We have a lot of emails every day because people want to know the time and dates for the fashion week fall/ winter .

So, today here are the rest of the dates this year ;

Prêt-à-porter Damen Spring/Summer 2020

Fashion Week New York: 06.09. – 14.09.2019

Fashion Week London: 14.09. -18.09.2019

Fashion Week Mailand: 19.09. – 25.09.2019

Fashion Week Paris: 25.09. – 03.10.2019

Dos and donts for a sale shopping

The sale has begin and a lot of shopping fans can’t wait for the day when the red prices has arrived!
But sale shopping ist not always the best idea , some things what we are buying are never used and some things are the best things which you can buy now!
Today we have some tips what should you do on your next shopping day that you will always have a smile on your face and the right things at your home.

The first one is don’t buy all what you see because its cheap!
To buy something only for the reason because its cheap its not the best idea sometimes you will never wear that!

Look really for things which you like or want before the sale has begins.

Look in Magazines, online etc what are in the new collection for the next saison! Check the color, the style and the look what are “trendy” in some weeks . Check the sale and buy things in this style and color , you will really wear this things !

The last one is buy basics!
A leather jacket, a great Jeans, a black pair of heels or some white shirts are always a good idea to shop, you will need these easy things always in your wardrobe !