The best Anti Age tips! Goodbye wrinkles!


Wrinkles wrinkles wrinkles wrinkleeeees ahhhhh a word in the world with not good vibes and we all hate it and everyone is up to date for the right cream and the fight to stop wrinkles …
today we have the best tipps to stop wrinkles without surgery and with so many easy things which you can right now !
The best things which you can do to stop wrinkles is with a fact list and a to do list ;
The fact list are;

good creames are not always high end 
I know what I tell you , I have bought a high end creams some months ago and everyone was telling me this cream is the best shit on the planet and you will love this cream forever and you will never miss them in your life …bullshit ! I was using this cream weeks and weeks and what happened nothing! my skin was like “or you are using cream today or not ?” sometimes in the morning when I have my breakfast I was not sure I was using a cream before I have my breakfast or not . I mean this cream was not so cheap but she gives me nothing ! I was speaking with 2 people which are using this cream too and they tell me the same thing the cream gives nothing …
On the other hand I was using my good old Nivea cream yes the blue one and my skin was in seconds in better mood ! So a good cream is not always high end !

The next daily thing is SUN and LSF
A lot of people using only LSF when its summer time and only some months or maybe weeks in the year. I wear LSF every day and yes so many people are telling other people thats not good and your skin needs vitamin in cold months and you should not LSF at this time ! BUT for me IM in LA at winter days too and yes the sun is of course at this time shining in LA too and the next fact is my skin is very tale and I need always a good sun blocker !
And Im sure thats a big plus when you are using always LSF for your skin !

SO, its summer time and you have the sun cream at your mom and maybe you are have used the LSF every morning but do it right now a lot of days more and lets me know how it works !
I will tell you in the next days my fav LSF for your face and body!

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