The best (photo) Locations in PARIS


Im a lot in one of my fav Europe city Paris !
AND I have a lot of message overtime when Im there about cool spots for pics in the
city of love and today I will tell you some spots and what works good when you have not so much time … lets starting when you only in Paris for a weekend like 2 days !
I think when you in Paris and you there for only 2 days and you want great pics , you should not walking and walking around every city for a great location for a pic do it in one day and enjoy the next day this great city with shopping, food or relaxing in a park !
But Paris has so many great locations you can take of course some pics every minute when you walking around the city …
But my fav spots are near the eiffeltower !


There a steps, parks, sweet streets, and so many things where you can take pics in only one hour or 20 minutes ! But go there in the morning , because after 12 pm there are so many people and more more when its later at the day !
At the Louvre is my next spot ! My hotel is always in this area and you have so many great places in the 1. Arr. in Paris ! 
Like the place vendome , Louvre, saint Honore and and and and you can take some great in 10 minutes there !
And after your pics you can relax there in every street with a great coffee and
some chocolate too:)
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