Every Year, Every Saison Its the time for all designers around the world because its Fashion week worldwide .
But what can you do when you don’t best friend with a designer, when you don’t have over 2 million followers on Instagram or when you don’t have the money for a lot of couture stuff and the designers want you on every next show…
We have some tipps today for everyone who want to go to the next fashion week but have no idea why you should go and why you can have so much fun when you go without a invite .

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First the most important things at fashion week for people who want to meet new people, or want to present her looks are better outside as inside for me I love to see inside the collection because I need new things for the magazine and some Inspo for my work but of course outside its important too when people are making pics from you and speak about you and your work! But when you outside you can show your look , your work and meet new people from around the world and don’t forget a show is only 10 minutes , so inside is not sooo long 🙂
And sometimes you can go inside because the designers loves full shows and they don’t want to see later on pics and videos online free seats when some people are not coming .
What you want to do – gor for it and enjoy your next fashion week !
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