Here are my fav 6 thing which you need on every travel adventure ;
A camera is one of the best things which you need on your next trip , I mean of course you 
have a all funny , all crazy moments in your mind and heart but the most of this moments are always better when you have it as a picture too . This can be a sunset, a friend, a dinner or a bear in the nature , some things believe we when we can see it !
Some music is always on my list , I love it on the plane , when I make sport or when I need it at the work !
A book for some ideas , dreams, and plans 
I buy my last book in LA and I write always ideas, wishes, and many more things in my book 
for me its better as when I do it on the phone , because the most if the things in my phone I forget it 😜
Medicine , paving , ibuprofen and and are always good when you have some problems.
I mean life is shit sometimes and these little things helps you sometimes a lot !
Dont forget the sneakers please! You will LOVE them when you have to walk a lot and when you in NYC .
Im walking soooo much every day in NYC and sneakers in NYC always and forever my best friends
Don’t miss the sugar when you on the road !
When you super tired , when you have a shit day Sugar gives you power and a happy moment .
A Hat for the sun , for a bad hair day and when you have so crazy hair like me ,
I always way so much hats, caps when I travel !
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