Testing / The best coffee to go in paris/CAFÉ KITSUNÉ PARIS

Its Monday and after the weekend the best way to start right in the new week is with a coffee!

We are starting today with our new weekly serie the best Coffee stops in… this time Paris . We are testing Coffee spots , for to go coffee , snacks, price, location and more for you!

Now we are starting with the Instagram hot spot -Coffee in Paris

the one and only CAFÉ KITSUNÉ PARIS.

There are a lot of places in Paris but our choice was at the rue de Rivoli .

Ceo / Founder Jenny Burgartz was testing a Flat white and a Cold Brew .

“I love this place near the Louvre, on my morning walks near the park in Paris . I really love it to stop at Cafe Kitsune to grab some coffee when I have a full day with meetings !”

But you should have a little time sometimes, there are lot of people which have the same plan like you and want a coffee, but not like more time at other coffee stores.

The List for you:

Price : like other places too

waiting time : when its full you need a little time .

Vegan / milk etc ?: You can take your coffee with soy milk , oat etc. what you want !

Fav Coffee ? The Cold Brew was very good to start a monday 🙂

Where in Paris ?

Café Kitsuné


( with shop)

208 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris

open ?

Monday – Sunday: 

from : 9.30am to 1pm  –

1.45pm to 5pm

werbung wegen namensnennung

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