Boost your skin for summer days!

The summer is around the corner and its time for a fresh , glowy skin without make up, concealer and co.

CEO/Founder Jenny Burgartz has tested the Clarins Aromaphytocare Huile Santal Face Oil the last weeks .

Jenny ; ” My skin is normal and in summer days because of the sun a little bit dry , but I don’t use foundation daily only a concealer to get “daily fresh” , My wish was to find a good product which I can use on a plane , when Im tired or when I have a little redness on my skin in summer days … a lot of products which I try in the past was good for some days or 1-2 weeks but this oil by Clarins works always perfect !
My skin is not dry anymore, the redness is over after one use and of course very glowy , so I really don’t need a concealer or make up after this oil !

I use it at day time after washing my face I give 1-2 drops on my face and after this I use a sun blocker ! This works amazing for a great start of the day .

At night when I need it too , I give 1-2 drops in my cream and mix it in my hands and after this my skin is really fresh in the next morning!”

After some weeks this product works amazing , I will let you know how it works in the next weeks too 🙂

Werbung wegen Namensnennung .

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