Books for your quarantine days

Today we have some books for your quarantine days . Reading is always a good idea not only when you stay at home , you can read on your plan , in a park or in a cafe too . But right now in quarantine days its the best way to read a lot of books when you stay at home.

DSC02863We have some books today which you should read at the moment !

The first book is from Paulo Coelho – Elf minutes .

This book is from 2003 . Its a roman about  Maria, a young girl from a Brazilian village with a heart broken and she is sure she never finds her real, true love . A great story about the life and things can happen sometimes…

The next book is by Colleen Hoover – maybe someday

A great book about Sidney -She don’t want to be fall in love because of her past and she is  meeting  Ridge and he don’t want to fall in love again because he has a girlfriend right now… The story is funny and with a lot of surprises …

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