The best hair styles for your home office

The best hair styles for  your home office

When we are in Home Office modus we don’t need a perfect styling, the perfect nails and look right now , but maybe you will have a face time meeting or work together with your co – workers per stream and you want to look a little bit stylish and fresh …

Now , there are some easy steps which you can always use on a bad hair day or in your home office time !

The first hair style for your home office are braids !

Braids are super easy , fast and always stylish . For a meeting make them on the back and mix it with some hair-clips to look stylish.

A Dutt is always a fav one by everyone ! A hair Bun is super easy in seconds and you can look cool and cozy with a sweater and fresh with some blush and a black or white top and some necklaces .

When you can not color your hair or roots take a headband in your hair and make a braid too . It helps you a lot when you can not fresh your hair color at this time and your hair are very happy about a little break right now ….

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