The best face tan products for pale skin!

Today we want to bring you some summer feeling at your home , with our fav face drops for a summer- tan glow ! We have used and tested a lot of drops and self tan products to get a glow skin !

A glow skin is not so easy when you have a really pale skin ,thats the reason why we have tested this self tan products for a fresh skin …

The first steps :

wash your face and make a little peeling and now you are safe that you have a really clean skin before you use a self tan product!

When you use a self tan product , read what you have to do before you will take it .

After using it , wash you hands!

The best products for a pale skin which we have tested;
The first one is a self Taner for your face by ST.Tropez . This one is very , very pale and makes your skin a little bit fresh , but not so dark . You can use it in the morning or when you go the bed and you want to wake up with a fresh glowy skin!

Clarins glow drops

The Clarins one are the winner ! They are amazing for pale skin you can make a tan which you want with one drop, two drops or three drops ! Mix it with your fav cream and use it in the morning or later for a really fresh look!

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