Daily things you can do for the nature !

We love this beautiful earth and of course all the sunsets, beaches, hiking ways , tress -the nature !

Today we have some easy , daily things for you which you can daily use for a better together and a positive nature !

The first thing is what we all do and a super easy step; When you off to the supermarket don’t buy bags ! take your bag from home every time when you out for food shopping don’t do this not only when you want to buy food you can do this when you buy a body lotion , make up, or shoes too!

Don’t take plastic when you don’t need it ! Don’t use plastic bags for your apples , onions and more . When you have the choice of glas and plastic take the glas one ! When you want to buy wate , take glas, when you want to buy milk take the one in glas, do it with a lot of things like yoghurt, strawberry cream, milk, juice and and and – you will see with so easy things you can change a lot !

When you buy a coffee at the next coffee house take your own bottle always in your car, in your bag! When you need your coffee to go you don’t need a plastic cup!

Walk a lot and don’t use a car too much! When you can walk to your work , do it!
When you can go to the supermarket , do it !
Its good for the nature , for your body too!

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