The best hot spots in Beverly Hills

Today again some travel news for your because its vacation time and for all the people who are off to Los Angeles we have the best hot spots today in Beverly Hills for you!

When you want to know what are some hot spots , which things should you do there and our fav things too read it !

The Beverly Hills Hotel is of course the number one on your list, because you can relax at the pool,eat some great food when you at the hotel for a lunch and you can make a great picture in from of the hotel for your children, friends and family in 22 years when everyone is watching on Christmas your holiday pics.

Rodeo Drive . Im not always there but of course you can see and when you want shopping the new designer bags, shoes, clothes and many more what you want .

The street is always full and you need some time when you want to see all, but the good news are you have free Wi.Fi around the Rodeo Drive !

The Ivy is one of the best things you can do when you hungry .The food and the place are great for everyone who lives in LA and for everyone who needs a break after a long shopping day !

Will Rogers memorial park Is always my fav park from the first day when I was in LA .The Park is very small and very beautiful, its great for pics and when you don’t want to meet so many people . You can relax there with a book or hanging with some friends and of course you can got to this place when you have children or on a date !Its my fav one on this list! 

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