The best food after Christmas

Christmas is over .. We have eat a lot …. Cakes, chocolate , cookies, Turkey , pecan pie and and and .

And now we need a good plan to start fresh and perfekt in 2020!

But what is the best food , what should you cook and eat in the next days ?!? We have today the best things which you can cook and eat right now ;

A tomato soup , is easy to cook, and is a perfect food after Christmas !

Salmon with rice , its easy to cook , perfect after Christmas and you have a lot of protein!

Fresh a veggie soup, when you get sick on cold days and after Christmas you need a soup!!
A soup with veggies, rice , onion will helps you a lot to get healthy and fit for 2020!

Bakes potato , are perfekt and easy to cook ! eat it with some selfmate yoghurt ( nature with some herbs) and mix it when you want with a fresh salad !

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