The best free things in Malibu for a great day !

I love Malibu !

And Malibu is not always great in summer time ,

when you can relax and surfing on the beach with great light, ice cream and your best friends,
Malibu is always a good idea!

Thats why we have today here are the best 3 free things you can do in Malibu ;

My fav thing is always HIKING !

There are so many great hiking ways in and around Malibu you only need some water, a hat, sun blocker and nice people when you love hiking like me !
Malibu markets ;

Are great for a visit , a Inspo or when you want to see cool things , you will meet a lot of nice people and when you don’t want to shop its always free!

The Beach !

Is of course the one which is always free and you can do there a lot of free things .

Chillin with your friends and some great food, you can surfing , you can watch the beautiful sunsets with you boyfriend and you can make a lot of great nature pics on the coast!
whatever do you want to do, do it in Malibu !!

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